Fathoms: The Underwater Deep

With about 70% of the Earth covered by water, and our very own San Francisco surrounded by it on three sides, we bring you an art show exploring the alien underwater world that exists just a few miles from our doorsteps. What else will you find in a world where blue whales have hearts the size of cars, where sound travels 4 times faster than in air, and where fish can change sex over the course of their lives? Whether fact or fiction, Fathoms is a highly imaginative show featuring local artists. On April 12th, from 7-11pm, we invite you to dive in.

Salt was once among the most prized of all commodities in human existence. It’s where we get the word salary, and where expressions like “worth your salt” come from. Salt – you’ve come a long way baby, because we can now pretty much get as many packets of salt for our popcorn as we want. It’s called living the dream! But, hey we’re not talking about sea salted caramel here! We’re talking about the kind of salt no one wants to eat. Were talking about the kind of salt that usually has the modifier “bastard” attached to it.

The Third Mind – A Five Gallery Collective Art Show

Paint Pens in Purses, the national urban art collective, is proud to present their newest show entitled “Night Visions”. The show is a collection of urban, contemporary, and Low Brow artwork documenting dreams and creatures of the night. The show is curated by Paint Pens in Purses’ founder, Shayna Yasuhara. The artists selected for this show include: Chelsea Brown, Crystal Gonzalez, Kellen Breen, Harrison Love, Lizzy Layne, Marina Loeb, Mary Syring, Michael Kerbow, Rick Kitagawa, Sara Jennison, Shayna Why, Shayna Yasuhara, Spencer Mann, and Tofusquirrel.


The Third Mind: An Art Show Featuring 5 Bay Area Collectives “GYSIN: It says that when you put two minds together. . . BURROUGHS: . . . there is always a third mind … GYSIN : . . . a third and superior mind . . . BURROUGHS: … as an unseen collaborator.” The theory of the Third Mind suggests that an unexpected and visionary ‘other mind’ emerges as a result of collaboration. The Third Mind connects and reconstructs the imagery, imagination, intellect and purpose of the collaborators such that a singular, higher consciousness forms.

Free Parking – Opening 2-10-12

On February 10, 2012 BUS brings you our newest show. This time around we thought we would have a little bit of fun with things. The show is called “Free Parking.” Yeah, we ripped that right off a Monopoly board. The idea behind the show is simple. If you drive or have driven in San Francisco chances are you’re well acquainted with those three wheeled, glorified mopeds of doom, otherwise known as the DPT Parking Enforcement Warriors of Virtue and Justice.

Whew!  We finally updated to the modern age and got ourselves a spiffy new website!  Please bear with us as we work out some kinks, but thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you around at the gallery soon!

Big Umbrella Studios


Big Umbrella Studios is located at 906.5 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94115.

Our hours are currently as follows:

Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: 7-10pm
Thursday: 7-10pm
Friday: 7-10pm
Saturday: 12-5pm
Sunday: 12-5pm

Please note that our gallery is staffed with artist volunteers, so if you’re planning a trip, please feel free to give us a call (415-359-9211) or email us to make sure we’ll be opened.  Thanks for understanding!

Join the BUS Community!

Big Umbrella Studios (BUS) offers membership to local artists seeking a workspace and collaborative venue. BUS creates an opportunity for established and emerging artists alike to network within the San Francisco art scene, inviting community building, critique and exchange amongst peers. Our artists can focus on creating art, while we provide gallery representation and marketing.

Please direct all questions to info@bigumbrellastudios.com. If you’re interested in becoming a member, please tell us a little bit about yourself and include examples of your art work!

For more info on rates and perks, check out our membership page.

Classes and Workshops

Did you know that we teach workshops over here at Big Umbrella?

From topics like Intro to Silkscreen Printing to Color Theory Intensive to Business Basics for Artists, let our talented and skilled instructors teach you something new!  Express yourself!

Check out our current schedule of classes HERE.

Artgasm and Figure Drawing



Hey everyone!  If the first week of the month starts on a Wednesday or earlier, BUS gets a nice one-two punch of having the free Artgasm Drink n’ Draw on Wednesday, and First Friday Figure Drawing on Friday.  That was the case this month, and so I wanted to share some of the fun stuff that was made during our two events! First off are our two communal art games.  We played “Rock Paper Scissors,” where you take turns drawing things that defeat the other things.  The only rules are that you can’t use 1)God, 2)Nuclear weapons, and 3)Time.

San Francisco Cooperative Art Gallery and Studio Space

Ah, the weather gods blessed us on Friday night with a beautiful sky and held off the deluge until the art fans & friends could safely enter and exit the building!

Thanks for everyone who came out and made the event such a success. There were more than 100/150 guests throughout the night, which is great considering we didn’t put as much into marketing as we sometimes do.

It was also exciting to unveil the art of some if our newest members – Natalie, Matt & Alex, Charlie, and Kadence (though Kadence is a returning member) and welcome in two guest artists – Mim and Bronwyn. I was struck by the ingenuity and diversity of the art on the walls of this show, yet Chad and Therese managed (as always) to make it magically cohesive in such a way that the pieces really complemented each other.

I especially enjoyed the fascinating approach that Natalie takes to her self-portraits, with eyes that jump off the canvas, Bronwyn’s bold and sophisticated graffiti cityscape, and the cleverness with which Chad and Kadence presented their work (some of Chad’s pieces are 6-sided canvases hanging from the ceilings and Kadence has illuminated her photography with the most novel of lightboxes).

The show will be up for the rest of February, so please come by and visit during our open studio hours – Wed thru Sun 3-8.

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